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Operability Monitoring

AARNet recognises as part of its role of eduroam National Roaming Operator for Australia the monitoring of infrastructure servers. This includes both national RADIUS infrastructure, regional RADIUS infrastructure hosted by AARNet, and institutional RADIUS servers.

National RADIUS Servers

National RADIUS Servers hosted by AARNet are monitored by AARNet's 24x7 NOC.

This monitoring is based on both "ping" and RADIUS test authentication events.

Institutional RADIUS Servers

AARNet's strategy in monitoring institutional RADIUS servers is to monitor the operability of each RADIUS server as an eduroam SP and eduroam IdP.

In order to monitor individual institutional RADIUS servers, trust for AARNet's "test and monitoring" server (operating as a RADIUS client machine) needs to be configured into each RADIUS server.

In order to monitor eduroam operability as an SP, AARNet uses a test account created for each institution on AARNet's "test and monitoring" RADIUS server. AARNet's monitoring infrastructure issues a request to each RADIUS server configured as a trusted client in the national RADIUS servers.

In order to monitor eduroam operability as an IdP, AARNet requests each institution to provide a test account. Ideally this account should be on the identity store that the institution uses. AARNet's monitoring infrastructure issues an authentication request for the institutional test user to each RADIUS server configured as a proxy target.

AARNet uses the RADIUS client application "rad_eap_test" and NAGIOS to automate the monitoring events.

eduroam AU Weathermap

The eduroam AU monitoring regime is still under construction, however the eduroam AU weathermap display is available in a "webpage under construction" form on the eduroam AU website.

Intra-institutional Monitoring

There was work undertaken by the eduroam project group, and also by at least one other national eduroam operator, to create an apparatus that would enable monitoring of eduroam within institutional wireless networks.

AARNet's position of intra-institutional monitoring is that it is outside the scope of AARNet's control, hence AARNet can only reliably monitor institutional RADIUS servers.

However AARNet supports the creation of such devices and would encourage institutions to perform their own internal monitoring.

eduroam "pulse" monitoring device update

The proof of concept comes alive!

The eduroam project group created the first eduroam monitoring "pulse" whilst meeting at The University of Tasmania during 2009.

Work on intra-institutional monitoring has also been undertaken by the Croatian NRO (SRCE).


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