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 Device Configuration

Following is information on configuring end-user devices 

Operating SystemVersionAuthentication Type (documented)Authentication Type (to be documented)
LinuxNetwork ManagerUbuntu PEAPTTLS 
 MacOS X10.3 MacOS X 10.3 and 10.4 PEAP 
 10.4 (Tiger)UniSA PEAP ; UniMelb TTLS 
 10.5 (Leopard)TTLS ;  MacOS X 10.5 PEAP ;  UniSA PEAP 
 iPod Touch/iPhoneTTLS  ; Apple iPod iPhone PEAP  ; CSU PEAP 
Microsoft WindowsXPAARNet_TTLS ; PEAP 
 XP w/IntelProSetPEAP ; Oxford_TTLS 
 VistaPEAP ;  AARNet TTLS ; Vista 64-bit 
 Mobile 5/6TTLS ; PEAP 
 PocketPC 2003/2005TTLS ; Windows Mobile PEAP 
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