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eduroam AU Administration


AARNet is currently deploying a tool that will allow institutional eduroam administrators to maintain their own information.

The python-based tool was developed by the Greek eduroam NRO, and is called "DjNRO"

It is not envisaged that data entered on this page will be automatically provisioned to the National RADIUS Servers. This will continue to be done via a support request to

The tool's public interface allows visibility of participant information entered.

There will be a series of meetings conducted in 2H2015 in order to introduce this tool to eduroam AU institutional administrators.

If you with to receive further information regarding this tool ahead of the meetings, please contact AARNet.

Admin Access

The administration tool is accessed via SAML authentication.

In order to access the tool, you can visit the DjNRO login page, authenticate via your IdP, and an email will be sent to AARNet eduroam admins requesting your activation as administrator for the institution corresponding to your email address.

AARNet will confirm you are an appropriate administrator for your institution, and if so, activate your account.

The workflow is communicated via email, and when you receive confirmation, you will be able to login and administer your eduroam information.

Global Database

The DjNRO tool generates an XML file which is submitted to the EU eduroam Operations Team who have created a global eduroam map.

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