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Information for institutions

What is eduroam? 

See 01 What is eduroam?

Deploying eduroam?

Organisational Level

  • Existing eduroam administrators/operators within Australia are responsible for deploying eduroam on campus by deploying new or amending existing RADIUS servers so that guests can use wireless networks
  • AARNet is responsible for national eduroam deployments including redundant national RADIUS servers to proxy requests between organisational radius servers so that guests visiting another participating institution can authenticate via the national servers to the local server.
  • Institutions have nominated contacts who are responsible for end user issues.

National level

  • AARNet can configure and test RADIUS servers and test accounts for participating institutions and set up test accounts to ensure the national RADIUS server and organisational server(s) work correctly.
  • AARNet has a list of technical and management contacts for each participating institution to assist in end-to-end service issues
  • AARNet and the eduroam project group are responsible for setting technical standards, support and the promotion of eduroam

Regional level

  • AARNet are also assisting in deploying a regional APAN server (with Hong Kong) to facilitate national eduroam deployments in the Asia pacific region.
  • AARNet participates in the eduroam global working group in matters related to inter-regional eduroam federations/standards/support etc.


  • Local contacts at participating institutions within Australia can send an email to support<AT> This will generate a JIRA ticket to track the request until it is completed.
  • All other correspondance must be via the er-participants mailing list


  • Information about eduroam as a service today, the roadmap ahead and the business case is being developed by the eduroam project group
  • Marketing material for eduroam is being developed by the eduroam project group
  • Peering options for dealing with bandwidth use from neigbouring institutions.

Case Studies

Murdoch University (FreeRadius)

Deakin University (Radiator)




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