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eduroam Governance

Global Governance

Eduroam currently includes NROs in the Asia-Pacific region (APAC), Canada, US, Africa, and Latin America. In response to global expansion of eduroam, TERENA established the Global eduroam Governance Committee (GeGC), which includes representatives from each region.

The GeGC is responsible for ensuring that eduroam National Roaming Operators (NROs) have signed up to the "eduroam Compliance Statement", which is the global eduroam policy.

The GeGC meets at least quarterly.

AARNet's eduroam AU manager, Neil Witheridge, is an APAC representative on the GeGC.

National (eduroam AU)

AARNet is the Australian eduroam NRO.

The AARNet Advisory Committee, which includes representatives of CAUDIT, is the primary body which oversees governance issues related to eduroam AU.

One role of national governance is to ensure that the eduroam AU Policy is up to date and endorse any changes to eduroam AU Policy.

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