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Are you willing and able to comply with these policies?

If you are taking on an eduroam IdP role, do you agree to

  • take responsibility for the actions of your users, and
  • take action against users who do not comply with your AUP while visiting another institution (as if the noncompliance occured on your own network).



Eligibility to Participate in eduroam


Do you provide high performance network access to your local users.

Do you agree to:

  • Provide a high performance network access service (constraints to be described on your eduroam webpage) ?
  • Cover costs of network access by visitors connecting to your institutional network via eduroam [Y/N]?
  • Provide local access to your users via eduroam (at least to confirm eduroam authentication configuration)?

Network Access Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)


What IT Support helpdesk system do you use?

Do you agree to:

  • Agree to publish eduroam information via a public institutional eduroam webpage
  • Agree to undertake training of your local IT Support staff and accept support responsibilities
  • Agree to provide support to local users when travellinging, and visitors.
  • Maintain information via the national eduroam AdminTool


[1] eduroam Service Description and Glossary

[2] Global eduroam Policy

[3] National eduroam Policy

[4] Institutional eduroam Requirements

[5] nstitutional Implementation Plan

[6] eduroam Ancillary Services