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General Institutional information

The following information will be used by the NRO to assess the institutions eligibility to participate in eduroam. If agreement is reached to proceed, the NRO will use this information to create an institutional record in the National eduroam AdminTool. The designated institutional eduroam administrators will be provided with access to the AdminTool.

The institution is required to take responsibility for maintaining information accurately via the eduroam AdminTool.

Information captured by the AdminTool is described in the eduroam AdminTool information map.

Institution nameFormal name, e.g. including "The " if part of registered name 
Primary domain name

Institutional realms must include the primary domain name.
This name will be used as the institutional identifier

Primary AddressStreet Address, city, state, postcode 
Webpage URLinstitutional webpage URL 
eduroam Admin contact

Contact details of person who will be main technical contact for eduroam
(name, email address, mobile phone number)
This person will be responsible for entering institutional deployment
data via the eduroam AdminTool (or delegating responsibility further to
additional contacts).


Understanding of eduroam Service

Institutions wishing to participate in eduroam must understand the service and be familiar with eduroam terminology.

The eduroam service is described in the document "eduroam Service Description and Glossary".

The following is a checklist of key concepts, and acknowledgement of understanding.

eduroam Service Provider (SP)network access provided to visitors 
eduroam Identity Provider (IdP)remote authentication of travelling users 
Identity Federationagreement between SPs and IdPs. 
eduroam Trust ModelTrust based on policy compliance 
eduroam ProtocolsSecure protocols for remote authentication 

eduroam Policies

Have you read the Global eduroam Policy appendices (high level requirements for eduroam IdPs and SPs)?

Have you read the National eduroam Policy?

Are you willing and able to comply with these policies?

If you are taking on an eduroam IdP role, do you agree to

  • take responsibility for the actions of your users, and
  • take action against users who do not comply with your AUP while visiting another institution (as if the noncompliance occured on your own network).



Eligibility to Participate in eduroam

eduroam is a roaming service for education and research users. Are your users engaged in education and research?

Are you an NREN customer (i.e. compliant under an NREN access agreement)?

Do you intend to provide network access to eduroam users via the NREN, or another ISP (name)?

Business Case for eduroam participation

Describe briefly your business case for eduroam participation.

Which group of users will be the main beneficiary of eduroam participation?

eduroam Prerequisites

Identity Management

Do you perform effective identity management [Y/N]

What identity management system / identity store does your institution use?

Are your users security aware (do you offer security awareness information, training)

Wireless Networking

Do you provide a reliable and capable wireless network [Y/N]

What vendor, model/name/version is your wireless infrastructure?

What is the link to your wireless coverage information?

Network Service

Do you provide high performance network access to your local users.

Do you agree to:

  • Provide a high performance network access service (constraints to be described on your eduroam webpage) ?
  • Cover costs of network access by visitors connecting to your institutional network via eduroam [Y/N]?
  • Provide local access to your users via eduroam (at least to confirm eduroam authentication configuration)?

Network Access Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

What is the link to your institutional network access AUP?

Institutional IT Support Capability

Do you have an institutional IT Support capability [Y/N]

What IT Support helpdesk system do you use?

Do you agree to:

  • Agree to publish eduroam information via a public institutional eduroam webpage
  • Agree to undertake training of your local IT Support staff and accept support responsibilities
  • Agree to provide support to local users when travellinging, and visitors.
  • Maintain information via the national eduroam AdminTool


[1] eduroam Service Description and Glossary

[2] Global eduroam Policy

[3] National eduroam Policy

[4] Institutional eduroam Requirements

[5] nstitutional Implementation Plan

[6] eduroam Ancillary Services



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