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Note, this page is a work-in-progress, with current content a proposal to be further discussed.

Document Map

List of Documents

This list of documents is used to create webpages for linking from the document map.

Global Governance

GeGC Terms of Reference (external document)

eduroam Compliance Statement (external document)

APAC eduroam Confederation

APAC eduroam Confederation Terms of Reference

APAC eduroam Confederation Agreement

eduroam Service Description

eduroam Service Description and Glossary

eduroam Service Description Video (link to existing video)

NRO Service Documents

NREN Access Agreement (AARNet examples)

National eduroam Policy

eduroam NRO Requirements

eduroam NRO Implementation Plan

Institutional Joining Process

NRO RADIUS Server Deployment

NRO National eduroam Website

Institutional Support & Training Plan & Materials

eduroam Promotional Materials

Institutional eduroam Service Documents

Identity Management Best Practices

Wireless Infrastructure Best Practices

Network Access Best Practices

Institutional Network Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) (University of Queensland, Australia, example)

Institutional eduroam Requirements

Institutional eduroam Implementation Plan

Institutional eduroam Webpage

Institutional AccessPoint Configuration

Institutional RADIUS Server Configuration

Institutional Network Service Provisioning

Ancillary Services Documents

NRO Test & Monitoring Server Requirements

eduroam AdminTool Requirements

eduroam AdminTool Admin & User Guide

eduroam Institutoinal Audit Requirements

eduroam Institutional Audit Admin Guide

Service Monitoring Requirements

Service Monitoring Admin & User Guide

Usage Metrics Requirements

Usage Metrics Admin & User Guide

Client Device Configuration Requirements

Client Device Configuration Admin & User Guide

SAML Authentication Requirements

NRO SAML VHO Deployment, Admin and User Guide


Resource Map

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