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Source: University of Calgary, Canada- Submitted by jmelliot

Added by James Sankar, last edited by James Sankar on Feb 10, 2009

Windows Mobile 5/6 or Pocket PC 2003/2005 - EAP-TTLS


You will need to download and install SecureW2 EAP Suite software on your desktop computer and then configure the software on  your device.

System Requirements

To connect to Eduroam, you need:

  • Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile) or later
    (If your handheld runs an older version, you may be able to upgrade. Contact your vendor for more information)
  • A wireless/wired NIC that supports 802.1x
  • ActiveSyncinstalled on your desktop.

(Note: ActiveSync has been replaced by Windows Mobile Device Center on computers running Windows Vista.)

Desktop Installation

To install the SecureW2 EAP Suite, do the following:

  • Make sure your handheld is connected to your computer and that ActiveSync is installed and running
  • Go to website
  • Download the latest file
  • Unzip the file to a temporary folder on your computer
  • Double-click the SecureW2_EAP_Suite_xxx_CE.exe file
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and install the program.

Once installed, you then need to configure the sofware on your device.

Handheld Instructions

To configure SecureW2 on your handheld device:

  • When asked to install the client, click Yes.

  • Select Device radio button
  • Click Install

  • Go to Start > Programs and run Communication Manager

  • To enable WiFi, click WiFi icon
  • Click Exit

  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Click Communications tab
  • Select Wireless LAN icon

  • In network listing, select eduroam.

(Note: To see the network listing, you must be in an AirUC wireless area on campus. If not, click "Add New" and add "eduroam" manually.)

  • Select Network Key tab
  • For Windows Mobile 5, select WPA and TKIP
  • For Windows Mobile 6, select WPA2 and AES

(Note: For other devices like Pocket PC, if possible select WPA2 and AES)

Select 802.1x tab 

  • Under EAP type menu, select SecureW2 TTLS
  • Click Properties button

  • Click Configure button

  • Select Specify outer identify radio button
  • Enter your full IT username in field (ie., must be entered)
  • Click OK

  • Click OK twice and Finish to completely exit the setup.

You should now be connected to Eduroam if on campus. You can now connect to any other Eduroam institution in the world from your device.


To uninstall the SecureW2 EAP Suite, use the "Remove Programs" application in the "Settings/System" folder on your handheld device. 


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