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Windows Mobile 5/6 or Pocket PC 2003/2005 - EAP-PEAP

Added by Brook Schofield, last edited by Daniel Pirrotta on Apr 28, 2009System Requirements


To connect to Eduroam, you need:

  • Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile) or later
    (If your handheld runs an older version, you may be able to upgrade. Contact your vendor for more information)
  • A wireless/wired NIC that supports 802.1x
  • ActiveSyncinstalled on your desktop.

(Note: ActiveSync has been replaced by Windows Mobile Device Center on computers running Windows Vista.)

Handheld Instructions

To configure Eduroam on your handheld device:


  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Click Connections tab
  • Select Connection Manager icon


  • To enable WiFi, click WiFi icon
  • Click Exit


  • Go to Start > Settings
  • Click Connections tab
  • Select Wireless LAN icon


  • In network listing, select eduroam. If eduroam is not listed, click "Add New" and add "eduroam" manually


  • Select Network Key tab
  • For Windows Mobile 5, select WPA and TKIP
  • For Windows Mobile 6, select WPA2 and AES

(Note: For other devices like Pocket PC, if possible select WPA2 and AES)


  • Select 802.1x
  • Under EAP type menu, select PEAP
  • Click OK


  • A challenge for credentials should pop-up. Enter user details.



  • To verify Eduroam connection
  • Go to Start > Programs and run Communication Manager
  • Select Settings, and WiFi Settings

You should now be connected to Eduroam if on campus.

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