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To do testing with EAP, you need the wpa_supplicant package, which comes with eapol_test.

The rad_eap_test script is a eapol_test wrapper to make using eapol_test easy.

( Reference: )

Install eapol_test


$ sudo su -

$ wget


$ tar -xvf wpa_supplicant-2.5.tar.gz


$ cd wpa_supplicant-2.5/wpa_supplicant


$ cp defconfig .config


$ vi .config

Uncomment ...



Comment out (required for Ubuntu 16.04) ...



Save and exit.


[esc] and [:wq!] and [enter]

$ apt-get install build-essential openssl libnl-utils libnl-3-dev libssl-dev


$ make eapol_test


$ cp eapol_test /usr/local/bin

You should now be able to run eapol_test command from anywhere on the host.

Install rad_eap_test


$ sudo su -


$ wget


$ tar -xvf rad_eap_test-0.26.tar.bz2


$ cd rad_eap_test-0.26


$ vi rad_eap_test


# Update the path to eapol test




[esc] and [:wq!] and [enter]


$ cp rad_eap_test /usr/local/bin


You should now be able to run rad_eap_test command from anywhere on the host.

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