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The eduroam operability auditing step will be perfomed as agreed between the institution and NRO.

The purpose is to ensure eduroam policy compliance prior to commencement of the institution's national/global eduroam participation.


The NRO will perform auditing and provide an audit report covering:

  • Entry of information via AdminTool
  • Provision of Contacts and subscription to Mail-lists
  • Institutional SP and IdP operability
    • RADIUS Server operability (attributes incl CUI and ON, accounting)
      • Via authentication requests issued to institutional RADIUS servers from the NRO Test and Monitoring Server using the "rad_eap_test" RADIUS client
  • Institutional eduroam Website
  • Institutional Monitoring readiness
  • Institutional Metrics readiness
  • Institutional readiness to use the Configuration Assistant Tool

In case of non-conformance, the audit item will be advised to the institution, and the audit step repeated when the institution informs the NRO the issue has been addressed.

Audit Checklist Details



Contact information


Technical Operability


Institutional eduroam Website


Monitoring Readiness


Usage Metrics


Configuration Assistant Tool



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