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To determine the requesting institution's eligibility and willingness and ability (to contribute required effort and resources) to commence participating in the national/global eduroam service.

This is achieved by information exchange between the institution and the NRO on eduroam service understanding, satisfaction of pre-requisites, eduroam roles and responsibilities, concluding with clear statement from the institution to the NRO confirming their understanding and requesting participation, and from NRO to institution stating acceptance of the institution to participate and an invitation to commence eduroam deployment (progress to Step 2).


The first step in joining eduroam national federation is an information exchange with the NRO.

From an NRO perspective, the institution will:

  • confirm the institution's NREN customer status
    • or advise of its ISP
  • confirm the institution's understanding of the eduroam service and institutional roles and responsibilities
  • confirm that the institution satisfies prerequisites for eduroam participation
    • identity management
    • wireless infrastructure
    • network access acceptable use policy (AUP)
    • network service characteristics
    • ITS & end-user support capability
  • provide information on the institution's ability to deliver institutional participation requirements of eduroam
    • wireless infrastructure configuration
    • deployment of RADIUS Servers
    • network access configuration
    • publish an eduroam informational webpage
    • provide end-user support to its local users and visitors
  • confirm the institution's commitment to maintaining institutional deployment information via the national eduroam federation AdminTool

From the institutional perspective, the NRO will:

  • Confirm eligibility to participate in the national eduroam federation
    • confirm the role (IdP+SP or SP-only)
  • Commit to providing support to the institution in delivering institutional requirements
    • RADIUS Server deployment
    • eduroam informational webpage requirements
    • institutional IT Support training materials
  • Provide access to the national eduroam federation AdminTool
  • Configure institutional test accounts to enable the institution to undertake deployment during the Planning and Preparation step


The information exchange and request to join eduroam takes the form of a structured eduroam participation request  (answering specific questions, gaining familiarity with key concepts, understanding eduroam policy).

The items covered in the eduroam participation request must be addressed in your email request to the NREN for eduroam participation.


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