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Added by Daniel Pirrotta, last edited by Daniel Pirrotta on Nov 05, 2009System Requirements


 You will need a notebook computer using the Intel 2200BG or 2915ABG wireless network card.


Intel PROSet/Wireless software.

 Software Configuration

   1. Select the connections window from the Start menu.
     Start Menu - Connect to - Show all connections
  2. Open the Intel PROSet software.
  3. Click the Add button to display the Create Wireless Profile dialog.

   4. Ensure that the General Settings page is active.

   5. Enter the required information.
      Profile Name - eduroam
      Wireless Network Name (SSID) -  eduroam
      Operating mode - select Network (Infrastructure)

  6. Click on Advanced ...

  7. Ensure that none of the  options in the Advanced Settings dialog are selected.

  8. Click on OK.

   9. Select Security Settings from the sidebar.

 10. Enter the required information in the dialog box.

 11. Click the Next button.

Note: WPA is the minimum authentication level supported by eduroam, some universities support WPA2
which provides a higher level of security. You will need to check with your university to ascertain whether
WPA2 is supported.  If using WPA2 set the Network Authentication to WPA2-Enterprise, and the Data Encryption
  12. Ensure that Certificate Issuer is set to Any Trusted CA.

 13.  Click on OK and close all remaining open windows. You are now ready to connect.


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