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eduroam public wiki

This is a public wiki area for the promotion of eduroam services within Australia.

eduroam "pulse" monitoring device update

The proof of concept comes alive!

Dec 3, 2009: the eduroam project group created the first eduroam monitoring "pulse" whilst meeting at The University of Tasmania.

About eduroam

eduroam is a federated authentication solution that allows users from participating institutions to gain secure access to wireless network access using their standard username/password credentials as they do at their home institution for wireless access.  eduroam can enable access without the user having to enter any details, simply open your laptop and if its wireless enabled it will connect to eduroam, authenticate and authorise network access. For more about eduroam or the eduroam project group, please subscribe to the er-participants-1 mailing list

eduroam usage statistics are now available and shown on the graph below!

The graph shows the unique devices that connect the eduroam successfully each day from June 2008 to 4 April 2010


eduroam deployment update



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