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Configuring the iPhone/iPod Touch for Eduroam (PEAP)

To access an Eduroam Wireless Network, you must first be at an EduRoam enable Institution.
The instructions below will guide you through the Configuration and access steps to connecting to an EduRoam Wireless Network.
Note: that some EduRoam institutions only allow VPN access back to there institution

Step 1 - find eduroam network

You need to connect to an eduroam wireless network,
goto Settings then Wi-Fi
You should then see the available wireless networks


Step 2 - connect to eduroam

Connect to the eduroam network and enter in your institutions username and password details
Your eduroam username is in the format of "" - eg:


Step 3 - accept certificate

You'll be prompted with a certificate for your institution (preferably a real signed certificate),
simply click "Accept"


Step 4 - Finished

You will return to the Wi-Fi Networks screen.
This should show that you are now connected to the "eduroam" network
This is shown by the "tick" next to the eduroam network


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