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The goals of the APAC eduroam Confederation are:

  • share informational and technical resources to achieve eduroam service objectives
  • achieve effective representation on the Global eduroam Governance Committee
  • provide a forum within a convenient timezone for eduroam related discussion and meetings

The eduroam service objectives sought by the APAC eduroam Confederation Membership are:

  • due recognition of eduroam as an identity federation
  • recognition of NRO and institutional roles and responsibiltieies
  • Achieve eduroam deployments which:
    • enhance trust between federation members
    • deliver a consistent, positive user experience (hence strengthen eduroam's brand)
    • deliver effective and efficient NRO and institutional eduroam administration


The APAC eduroam Confederation structure consists of a Steering Committee, an Operations Team, and Member NROs

The inaugural Steering Committee members are the current GeGC Representatives:

  • Neil Witheridge, Australia, AARNet
  • Hideaki Goto, Japan, NII

Additional Steering Committee members will be considered.

The Operations Team may be established in the future if member NROs agree on the need.


It is envisaged the APAC eduroam Confederation will meet face-face once a year at an APAN Conference.

An email list of APAC member NROs will be maintained for the purpose of contact on APAC eduroam Confederation matters.

APAC eduroam Confederation Membership

The list of APAC eduroam Confederation members, Confederation agreement and policy, information on joining the APAC eduroam Confederation.

eduroam Information and Resources

Comprehensive information and resources for eduroam operators at both a national and institutional level.

APAC eduroam Projects

APAC projects for improving eduroam deployment and operational efficiency, and extending the eduroam footprint.


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