eduroam Project Group Blog from October, 2009

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The AARNet Advsory Committee received the latest report from the eduroam project group, the feedback was as follows

  • CAUDIT's AGM will be in Hobart, eduroam access will be provided
  • Praise for the improvement in ease of use by eduroam participating institutions in last 12 months, but noted not such a great trend of newer participants
  • AAC members were keen to known the institutions in Australia that were not on eduroam and asked that the group contact them to see where more support may help, or to determine if other factors were preventing take up.
  • Interest in the monitoring solution and tests of a new hardware device
  • Noted the pain to support end users remains high and there's an increased need for off campus access, both could be solved with a 3G partner ( AARNet backhaul), to be explored by group
  • Praise of savings and access overseas in London and Paris
  • Noted eduroam port based trial use was relatively low at UQ/UWA.
  • Noted increased use at UNISA without marketing
  • Need to market to visitors
  • Noted options to gain eduroam access on CityCAT (UQ) and some local buses (UQ, QUT)

James Sankar


Oct 7, 2009

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